Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hug Your Babies

So a kid I know hung himself today.  Or last night.  But is the exact time really relevant?  And I guess he really wasn't a kid.  He was at least 18, maybe 19.  He graduated from high school last spring.  Same time as my middle child, just a different little school down the road.  He had dated both my daughters, one a few years ago, the younger as recently as last August.  He was beautiful.  Really, I mean beautiful.  Could have been a model.  Had no problem getting the girls.  His father adored him.  His stepmother adored him  A really neat kid turning into a really neat man.  Very well mannered.  Going to school to be a fireman and an EMT.  But somehow life became too much for him to endure.  Very, very sad situation.  Praying for his family.  Realizing how lucky I am.  My kids are still here.  Still able to hear me yell at them.  Maybe I should take life a little easier and ease up on my kids.  Rest in peace Ryan McBride and peace be with those that loved you.

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