Saturday, May 14, 2011

38 Years and Guitars

So I turned 38, like almost exactly 2 weeks ago.  That means I am not in my mid thirties anymore.  I think it is official.  But I got carded twice today.  Once for ciggarettes and once for beer.  I think they were fucking with me.  Didn't happen at the liquor store.  Probably cuz they know me.  See me all the time.  What does that tell you? 
So on my birthday Osama Bin Laden died.  Heavy, I know.  Justice, I am pretty sure.  Like a birthday present from the President to me.  I remember 9/11 vividly.  My sober, but drug attled at the time mind, remembers.  Porn was found in his room when the invasion/assasination happened.  What does that tell you? 
So the world is a very strange and fucked up place.  Who does not realize that?  Gas prices out the roof!  Unemployment crazy high!  Middle East melting down.  Hunger, addiction, sickness, and sadness rampent!  What does that tell you?
Husband and young friend are playing guitars.  I don't know any of the words.  Husband remembers very little of what he used to play all the time.  I request all kinds of shit and rememeber NO words.  What does that tell you?
So my sister is having a baby. She is 35, almost 36, hypertensive, and due to deliver in August.  Her daughter, 19 and single, is due to deliver any time.  I am very close to being a great aunt and an aunt again.  I can't have any more babies.  I am at once very happy about that and kind of sad. No future as a mommy blogger for me.  Maybe a grand-mommy blogger, but not a mommy blogger.  My youngest child is very quickly approaching her 17th birthday.  Middle child is 19.  Oldest is very quickly approaching his 21st birthday.  What does that tell you?
Life is fleeting.  Most especially if you are a terrorist or a parent!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hug Your Babies

So a kid I know hung himself today.  Or last night.  But is the exact time really relevant?  And I guess he really wasn't a kid.  He was at least 18, maybe 19.  He graduated from high school last spring.  Same time as my middle child, just a different little school down the road.  He had dated both my daughters, one a few years ago, the younger as recently as last August.  He was beautiful.  Really, I mean beautiful.  Could have been a model.  Had no problem getting the girls.  His father adored him.  His stepmother adored him  A really neat kid turning into a really neat man.  Very well mannered.  Going to school to be a fireman and an EMT.  But somehow life became too much for him to endure.  Very, very sad situation.  Praying for his family.  Realizing how lucky I am.  My kids are still here.  Still able to hear me yell at them.  Maybe I should take life a little easier and ease up on my kids.  Rest in peace Ryan McBride and peace be with those that loved you.