Saturday, November 26, 2005


I was going to post a most brilliant blog entry tonight, or last night rather, but I fucked around to long adjusting the settings, studying help articles, and downloading support software on my slow ass dial up connection. Now, I am more deliriously sleepy than brilliantly wordy. Yeah, and I could not come up with anything inspiring brilliance to write about. However, I was not just fucking off, I was tweaking the technical shit that goes along with a brilliant blog. And you may be surprised to learn, that although I am a brilliant writer and near genius in other matters (laugh all you want, you'll see), I am quite technically challenged. Gasp! Hard to believe, I know, but true none the less. I only started blogging like 4 months ago and know nothing about web design and page set up and whatever that computer code bullshit is. Thank God for templates, simple instructions and how to articles, otherwise I'd be lost. But, I am learning as quickly as a drunkenly delirious techno diva can. I think the ol' blog looks better now anyway. And I finally took the time to figure out how to post pictures, hence the last few posts of just damn fine photography and very little words. I was testing. And they are damn fine photos, if I do say so myself. Hard to believe, I know, but yes I am also a budding, brilliant photographer too. I have many more very good shots I could sit up all night posting, but I won't, because I am getting very sleepy and I must insert some words before I post more images.
Perhaps tomorrow I will write about the places in the pictures. Not tonight, or this morning rather. For now, I must take my sleep silly ass to bed and stop this bullshit babble. I will dream brilliant things to write about tomorrow. Sneer, snicker, laugh out loud. What the fuck ever! One day you'll see!

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